Vercel Integration

Create a Vercel App

To use the Vercel integration you'll need to create your own integration in Vercel. To start, click "Create" in the Integrations Developer Console.

When configuring the app, use the following values:

Redirect URL{YOUR_DOMAIN}/extensions/vercel/configure/
UI Hook URL{YOUR_DOMAIN}/extensions/vercel/ui-hook/
Delete Hook URL{YOUR_DOMAIN}/extensions/vercel/delete/

Take note of your client ID, client secret, and integration URL slug (the value you entered in the URL Slug field. This will be used to construct the integration installation URL). Add those to config.yml like this:

# Vercel #
vercel.client-id: your-client-id
vercel.client-secret: your-secret
vercel.integration-slug: your-integration-slug

Follow our documentation on installing and configuring the Vercel integration to use the integration.

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