PagerDuty Integration

Create a PagerDuty app

In PagerDuty, go to https://{YOUR_PAGERDUTY_SUBDOMAIN}

Select Create New App.

When configuring the app, use the following values:

App NameSentry
Brief DescriptionTrigger alerts through Sentry
CategoryError tracking
Do you intend to publish the app for all PagerDuty users and the app ecosystem?No, I am not interested

Configure the PagerDuty app

On the resulting configuration page in PagerDuty, under Functionality > Events Integration, click on Add.

When configuring the events integration, use the following values:

Transform Event DataNo
Change EventsNo
Redirect URLs{YOUR_DOMAIN}/extensions/pagerduty/setup/

At this point, note the Integration Setup URL. It should look something like this:{YOUR_DOMAIN}/extensions/pagerduty/setup/&version=2

Copy the App ID (in this case PV5SD0T).

Enable the integration in Sentry

Add the App ID to your config.yml for Sentry:

Copied 'PV5SD0T'

Restart your Sentry instance and follow our documentation on configuring the PagerDuty integration to use the integration.

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