Azure DevOps Integration

Create an Azure application

Log into your Azure DevOps account, creating one if needed. Ensure you have a project set up.

To use the Azure DevOps integration you'll need to create an application. To start, visit this page to register the app.

When configuring the app, use the following values:

Authorization callback URL{YOUR_DOMAIN}/extensions/vsts/setup/
Authorized ScopesCode (read), Work Items (read and write), Service Endpoints (read, query and manage), Graph (read)

Take note of your App ID and Client Secret (the long one you have to click to show) and add those to config.yml like this:

# Azure DevOps #
vsts.client-id: your-app-id
vsts.client-secret: your-client-secret

Follow our documentation on installing and configuring the Azure DevOps integration to finish installation and use the integration.

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