Heroku Plugin

Create an account on Heroku and create an app.

Follow the instructions to set up a Heroku app using the command line tool and deploy process.

NOTE: If you're doing local Sentry development, ensure Heroku webhooks can call your local Sentry environment by using a service like Ngrok to expose your local environment to the internet.

Create a Sentry project that will be associated with your Heroku app, taking note of the project DSN.

Update your Heroku application configuration variables by going through the Heroku Dashboard >> Settings >> Reveal Config Vars and ensure the SENTRY_DSN variable to points to your domain's DSN for your project, and not sentry.io.

Follow our documentation on configuring the Heroku plugin to setup and install the plugin.

Deploy a change to your Heroku app which triggers a deploy in Heroku. The Heroku webhooks will callback Sentry to create a new release.

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