Self-Hosted Versions & Releases


Self-hosted Sentry follows a monthly release schedule using the CalVer versioning scheme. A new version is released on the 15th of each month, and follow-up releases are done when necessary in between. You can find the latest release over at the releases section of our onpremise repository.


We strongly recommend upgrading by going through all the versions between your current version and the target version you are upgrading to. That means if you are on version 20.6.0 and want to upgrade to 20.8.0, the recommendation is for you to upgrade to 20.7.0 first and then upgrade to 20.8.0. Skipping versions may work, but there will be times that Sentry requires specific a version to be installed first, to ensure essential data migrations before moving forward.

Upgrading is as simple as downloading the latest version of the onpremise repository and running ./ there. See the main page for self-hosted Sentry if you need more information about upgrades and configuration.

Nightly Builds

We provide nightly builds from the master branch of the onpremise repository for each new commit for Sentry, and all of the supporting projects:

These builds are usually stable, but you may occasionally hit a broken version as these versions are not guaranteed to be deployed to first. There is also no guarantee that you will be able to do a clean upgrade to later versions without losing any data. Use the nightly builds at your own risk.

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