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Testing Sentry commits in Getsentry

If you need to deploy to a staging environment: use ./bin/bump-sentry <sha> to update the committed version. Note that this will likely create a merge conflict so you'll want to merge just before updating:

git pull origin HEAD --rebase
./bin/bump-sentry deadbeef
git push origin HEAD -f

If you only need to validate CI: When you create a PR add requires <PR link> to the body of it. The getsentry/action-get-dependent-pr github action will pick up this value and update the sentry revision during CI. This is meant as a temporary measure to quickly validate a change -- one should commit backward and forward compatible changes in sentry since commits cannot be merged in lockstep.

NOTE: If you notice after opening it, edit the PR body and then push a new commit.

Fast reverting a change

If a merged PR in sentry or getsentry needs to be reverted immediately (such as during an incident or to un-break CI) the [Trigger: Revert] label can be applied to the PR. A GitHub action will process the label and apply the revert directly to the primary branch.

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