Node Storage

Sentry provides an abstraction called ‘nodestore’ which is used for storing key/value blobs.

The default backend simply stores them as gzipped blobs in in the ‘nodestore_node’ table of your default database.

Django Backend

The Django backend stores all data in the ‘nodestore_node’ table, using a the gzipped json blob-as-text pattern.

The backend provides no options, so it should simply be set to an empty dict.

SENTRY_NODESTORE = 'sentry.nodestore.django.DjangoNodeStorage'

Custom Backends

If you have a favorite data storage solution, it only has to operate under a few rules for it to work w/ Sentry’s blob storage:

  • set key to value
  • get key
  • delete key

For more information on implementating your own backend, take a look at sentry.nodestore.base.NodeStorage.

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