Assigned ports

The following is a non-exhaustive list of ports used by Sentry services or any dependency of a Sentry service in development setups. It serves two purposes:

  • Finding out why a port is used on your work machine and which process to kill to make it free.
  • Finding out which ports are probably safe to assign to new services.
9000ClickhouseDevservice clickhouse. Database for Snuba.
3021SymbolicatorDevservice symbolicator. For processing stacktraces.
1218SnubaDevservice snuba. For searching events.
1219Snuba adminNot part of devservices setup, but running snuba admin will listen on this port.
9092KafkaDevservice kafka. for relay-sentry communication and optionally for sentry-snuba communication
6379RedisDevservice redis (or perhaps installed via Homebrew in rustier setups), responsible for caches, relay projectconfigs and Celery queues
5432PostgresDevservice postgres (or perhaps installed via Homebrew in rustier setups)
7899RelayDevservice relay. Serves APIs for SDKs to send events to (aka event ingestion). Webpack on 8000 reverse-proxies to this server. Starts/stops with sentry devserver.
8000Sentry DevWebpack devserver, routing all ingest paths to Relay, and the rest to uWSGI. Routing is defined in webpack.config.ts in Sentry.
8001uWSGIStarts/stops with sentry devserver. Serves the Django app/API. Webpack on 8000 reverse-proxies to this server. In a siloed devserver, this port is used for control silo.
8010uWSGI (region silo)Starts/stops with sentry devserver --silo=region. Serves the Django app/API. Webpack on 8000 reverse-proxies to this server.
7999Sentry frontend prod proxyFor testing local UI changes against a prod API
8000Develop docsThe website around this document. Conflicts with Sentry Dev.
3000User docsUser-facing documentation. May conflict with Relay if Relay is run outside of devservices.
9001Sentry Dev Styleguide serverBound when running sentry devserver --styleguide
9000sentry run webLegacy default port for sentry run web, changed to 9001 to avoid conflict with Clickhouse.
9001sentry run webBarebones frontend without webpack or Relay. Sentry Dev is likely better. Conflicts with Sentry Dev Styleguide server.
8000Relay mkdocs documentationAt some point this is going to get merged into our existing docs repos. Conflicts with Sentry Dev.

  • Use lsof -nP -i4 | grep LISTEN to find occupied ports on macOS.
  • The Dashboard UI of Docker for Mac shows you running docker containers/devservices together with assigned ports and option to start/stop.
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