Service Manager (devservices)

Sentry provides an abstraction to Docker to run required services within development called devservices.

Usage: sentry devservices [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Manage dependent development services required for Sentry.

  Do not use in production!

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  attach  Run a single devservice in foreground, as...
  down    Shut down all services.
  rm      Delete all services and associated data.
  up      Run/update dependent services.

# Follow snuba logs
docker logs -f sentry_snuba

# redis
docker exec -it sentry_redis redis-cli

# clickhouse
docker exec -it sentry_clickhouse clickhouse-client

# psql
docker exec -it sentry_postgres psql -U postgres

Should you really bamboozle your containers or volumes, you can use devservices rm to start over.

# Remove all data (containers, volumes, and networks) associated with ALL services
sentry devservices rm

As an example, let's say we've managed to corrupt our postgres database while working on a migration, and you want to reset your postgres data you can do:

# Remove all data (containers, volumes, and networks) associated with a single service
sentry devservices rm postgres
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