sentry vs getsentry

You'll find numerous references to both sentry, the public repository and core of Sentry, and getsentry, the proprietary and closed source components used for getsentry is the application we deploy to production and contains additional functionality only offered in our SaaS offering.

In most cases, the systems operate very similarly with subtle differences. That is, you can often swap the sentry CLI for the getsentry CLI and they'll behave the same. In other cases, we have attempted to call out differences in behavior.

If you're not part of the Sentry team, you won't have access to develop on the getsentry codebase and you can ignore the related documentation.

Getsentry-specific Settings

Getsentry's settings are configured in getsentry/conf/settings/ Additional environment specific overrides are found in files matching the environment name. For example, local development is found in getsentry/conf/settings/

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