Configuring U2F

You will need an HTTPS-accessible development server to enable u2f. The easiest way to achieve this is by using ngrok.

We recommend persisting this server name so you can configure it once and use it repeatedly. To do this, open up ~/.ngrok2/ngrok.yml and add a sentry instance:

authtoken: REDACTED
    proto: http
    addr: 8000
    subdomain: myusername-somethingobscure

Now you can run ngrok start sentry to spin up the proxy.

Next up, map your persistent HTTPS url to your local Sentry server within Sentry's configuration. To do this open up ~/.sentry/ and add the following:

# ... existing settings

import os

if os.environ.get("NGROK"):
    URL = ""

    SENTRY_OPTIONS["u2f.facets"] = [URL]
    SENTRY_OPTIONS["system.url-prefix"] = URL

Note: We're using an optional NGROK environment variable here so you can easily opt-out of requiring the Ngrok server to be run.

Now you start your development server:

NGROK=1 sentry devserver
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