Backend Development Server

(see also: Frontend Development Server)

It's possible to run Sentry locally without ever having to build the frontend. It requires to circumvent sentry devserver. Instead, you configure:

# ~/.sentry/
STATIC_URL = "{version}"

...and run:

sentry run web

When you browse localhost:9001, the browser will load JavaScript from production instead of your local static folder.

This will do literally nothing except bring up the web workers. You are now responsible to manually:

  • Starting Relay if you need it: sentry devservices attach relay
  • Starting relevant Kafka consumers if you need them (e.g. for ingestion). This highly depends on which dataset you're working on.
  • Starting Celery workers using sentry run worker to run most kinds of background jobs.

Use sentry run --help to see what you might be missing by not running devserver.

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